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Tiger Rentals

 Renting a tiger from the Zoological Wildlife Foundation can turn your imagination into a reality. We have more than tiger rentals from our feline collection, as well. We also have Siberian lynxes, lions and cougars. They are so cute, they are guaranteed to capture almost any audience.


Our tigers come with fully trained professionals with years of experience. ZWF tiger rentals are an easy success at any birthday party. Who would ever forget? Each one of our exotic felines have been trained for special events ranging from wedding parties and parades to elaborate movie scenes and photo shoots. Just picture your favorite model posing with a “dangerous” predator in the jungle.


ZWF also specializes in wildlife education. You get more than just a handler when you rent a tiger from us. We also bring literature for raising the awareness about exotic and endangered animals and educating students about their habitats. Students will never forget the size of a lion when they have actually put their hands on one. 


Tiger rentals from ZWF are the ultimate show stopper. People having always been in awe of these massive predators, and they have been the highlight of many shows and movies around the world. How do you want your event to be remembered? You can take it over the top by renting a tiger from us.


Renting a tiger is only a click or phone call away. We have trained professionals that can take you through the process of coordinating your event, while still letting you take all the credit. Your event will be the hit of the season. Of course, our tigers will always be the hit of the show. 


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